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2021 - 2022
COVID19 School Policy

Jaya International High School, in accordance with the core public health measures set out by Public Health, will implement the following procedures in regards to Covid-19 prevention.

If any of the students, teachers, or staff members feel unwell, they will be expected to stay at home. The school has online tools ready that would enable the affected person to continue taking or teaching their classes via the Zoom platform. Additionally, the school has taken measures that include but are not limited to regular cleaning of high touch surfaces, frequent hand hygiene (hand washing or hand sanitizer), and attention to ventilation as described by public health.

In accordance with Public Health guidance, all students, teachers, staff, and visitors must wear masks while on the premises of Jaya International High School. The masks will be made optional once Public Health determines the conditions have been met for such exclusion, however, at this point in time wearing masks in public closed spaces is mandatory. The school will have a supply of masks so that it can provide them to those who need one.

Based on Public Health information, there is a small chance for a full time transition to at-home learning, however, Jaya International High School is fully equipped and prepared to make that transition, should such situation arise. For that reason, Jaya International High School will continue to use in-class teaching combined with the Zoom platform to ensure all students have access to education.

For all visitors and international students entering Canada please visit the Immigration and Citizenship Canada for more information.

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