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Jaya International High School (JIHS) combines traditional teaching with 21st century vision to build a pathway to success. JIHS prepares its students to become successful participants in both Canadian society and globally. At JIHS we teach students to become lifelong learners. JIHS’ holistic approach to education includes: Judgment, Critical Thinking, Literacy, Cooperation, and Social Responsibility.

Education is ultimately the vehicle that drives societies and communities to prosper and succeed.  We live in a knowledge-based society, where the continuous collection and understanding of information becomes essential in order to succeed in this ever-changing global economy.  One has to constantly update his/her skills and abilities of interpreting and understanding informations.  Secondary education allows an individual to obtain the fundamental skills and abilities necessary to understand complex information.  It provides them with the analytical skills necessary to pursue a wide-range of career objectives.  At JIHS, our approach to learning is one that emphasizes the individual.  Each student will not only receive assistance during classroom hours, but he/she will also receive one-on-one tutoring after school and on weekends.  Our aim is to ensure that each student has strong understanding of the fundamental concepts learned in each class.  Our teachers understand the importance of not leaving a single student behind in his/her academic studies.  We do our utmost to ensure that students succeed in school.  

School Hallway




JIHS has computers available for student use related to their academic studies. Internet access is available through these computers.



When students begin at JIHS, they will sit with the principal or the principal’s designate to discuss their educational goals and become familiarized with the learning pathway form to best plan their educational direction. Upon completion of their studies, they will again sit with the principal or designate to prepare a personalized transition plan either for their home-school, or post-secondary directions (university, college or the workplace).


Education and Career Planning Support

Assistance will be given to students by helping them to understand their academic strengths and weaknesses, choosing appropriate courses and in making application to post-secondary institutions.


Education Support for Parent

Parents and students may request a learning pathway form at any time to complete and review with the principal or designate. They may also request to review curriculum documents, course descriptions and prerequisites and discuss their implications.


Student Accommodations and Modification

At JIHS, no modifications are made to any of the courses. Instructional, test and environmental accommodations may be given to students upon recommendation by an educational psychologist. No modifications will be given to JIHS students.


Online High School Credit Courses

Offering high-quality Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses to students all over the world

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